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What helps with toothache can only be decided by the attending physician.

Among the variety of toothache pills and other means of getting rid of such a symptom, you should not self-medicate, this can further aggravate the expression of pain. To prevent the onset of the main symptom, several rules must be followed: live a healthy life; refrain from taking excessively hot or cold drinks and dishes; regularly and carefully follow the rules of oral hygiene; timely treat those diseases that can lead to toothache. In addition, it is very important to be examined by a dentist every six months. One aching tooth can bring a lot of torment to a person and provoke a lot of problems. Toothache reduces a person's working ability and vital activity, forces them to refuse food, sleep, does not allow them to concentrate on anything and causes a lot of other suffering. As a treatment, you can use medications, as well as folk remedies. But their effect is very often temporary, so you need to contact your dentist and identify the cause of the tooth disease.

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surgical pathologies; intestinal obstruction; lowered blood pressure; violation of the heart rhythm; pregnancy and breastfeeding; renal or hepatic impairment. In addition, you can get rid of such a symptom not only with the help of pills. Gels with a freezing effect also help for toothache.

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Among them are: Antibiotics are often used for toothache. Their use is justified only in some cases - when pathogens have become the cause of the main symptom. It should be noted that only doctors can prescribe such medications.

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neglected caries with infection in dental tissues can cause a sharp toothache, which manifests itself only under the action of irritants. Dental cracks, poorly filled tooth, dentin exposure in the cervical region of the tooth are the main factors of toothache; pulpitis causes spontaneous toothache. It can occur during meals, when stimuli act on the affected dentin, as well as in a calm state, especially at night, and has a continuous aching character. A characteristic indicator of pain is its spread to the ear area, or to the temporal part, and it is impossible to withstand this pain for a long time; periodontitis causes aching and acute pain attacks that are pulsating in nature and increase when touched to the tooth. The gum becomes inflamed and swollen, and the tooth loosens; with mechanical injury. The pain occurs some time after the injury. Painful sensations are associated with the exposure of the nerve; pain when teething in children.

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Pain manifested from the defeat of neighboring formations: nerve endings, bones, etc. trigeminal neuralgia; headache and migraine; otitis media; sinusitis, frontal sinusitis; heart disease: myocardial infarction and coronary heart disease; neuritis of the facial nerve. When an acute toothache occurs, the first thing to do at home is to stop eating and brush your teeth, as food particles cause pain. Next, apply a piece of ice to the cheek in place of the sore tooth. This causes the tooth to freeze and temporarily relieves severe pain. It is also possible to make a mesh of iodine on the cheek of a diseased tooth.

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A piece of salted bacon or fresh beets applied to a sore tooth will relieve pain. Relaxes the pain syndrome of the road leaf or its peeled root. Rinsing a tooth with vodka can also reduce pain. If the above methods failed to alleviate the situation, it is allowed to use a mouthwash with a freshly prepared decoction of calendula herb. You can use a cotton swab applied to the affected area.
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At home, an easily accessible and effective method would be to rinse the mouth with sea water with baking soda and a few drops of iodine. This reduces pain and disinfects the oral cavity.
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What medicines will help quickly at home? Medicines have a different effect on each person. Some can eliminate pain with aspirin, while for others even strong pills may not help with pain. Therefore, below will be a list of drugs in ascending order by their action: Analgin. Used for moderate tooth pain. You can use up to four tablets per day. Start with 0.5 part of the tablet and use up the rest within an hour. The tablet is used not only inside, but also by applying it to a sore spot; Paracetamol and aspirin. Also used for mild pain syndromes; Nurofen. Up to six tablets can be used per day. Helps with increased and acute pain for eight hours; Ketanov. These are the strongest remedies for various types of pain. Help in relieving acute toothache. The effect of the action lasts more than eight hours.
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It is recommended to get rid of toothache during pregnancy in the following ways: Rinsing a sore tooth with a warm solution of salt, soda, tincture of strong tea, decoction of chamomile, calendula, sage; Clove powder for the tooth; Apply grated garlic to a sore tooth or on the wrist in the pulsation zone; Rinsing the tooth with beet juice; A solution of hydrogen peroxide can relieve swelling and inflammation; Using dental drops. Apply cotton wool soaked in a solution to the tooth; Use medicines with caution. It is allowed to take aspirin, paracetamol, no-shpu.
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The following drugs will also help to relieve pain: Nise, Pentalgin, Valocordin, Spazmalgon.